Coriant is an independent Telecommunications Company established in the year 2013 from the great Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). The prior owners and the management were the Marlin Equity and later merge Coriant, Nokia and Tellabs optical segments in the operations. The headquarters of this company are in Munich, Naperville, U.S.A and Germany serving more than […]

Peace of The Day With Jon Urbana

Come all who are weary and find rest. Come from the rushing and the railing of the everyday monotony of stress and duty and breathe easy for even just a moment. Some new¬†video work by Jon Urbana invites us all to rest. The simplicity of the everyday is often missed and undervalued. This has ever […]

Autism Rocks for Research

Autism Rocks is a non-for-profit organization with the sole intention of raising money for autism research. More specifically, the money raised is going into 15 long term research studies that hope to discover more about the underlying causes of autism to find the potential triggers and causes of the disorder. This is due in part […]

Sleep Apnea Can Be Conquered

Sleep Apnea has been connected to serious health problems such as, obesity, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, and daytime fatigue. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common and occurs when a person is sleeping. Snoring is one of the symptoms because the airway becomes blocked and air is forced through the airway to […]