Cleansing Your Body For A New Beginning

  Can a body cleansing regime have a life altering effect? Consider the story of Pastor Hosea Collins. As described in a June article in DigitalJournal, Collins and his wife learned that she was in need of a kidney transplant. Collins was informed that he was too heavy at over three hundred pounds to be […]

Dick DeVos Speaks About his Educational Reform Movement

Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur from Michigan. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos is a public school system graduate of the Forest Hills. In college, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration and graduated from Northwood University. He would later attend the Harvard Business School and the exclusive study program at Wharton School, […]

What Makes a CEO Stand Out

Raj Fernando likes to be the founder and CEO of businesses. His credit includes starting and running Companies Scoutahead and Chopper Trading. He can attribute having the skills to do these things from his training at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After that, he moves on to the Chicago Board of Trade. His time spent working […]