How to Free The Mind Through Psychiatry

Daniel Amen is a dedicated physician and psychiatrist that consistently study’s mental disorders, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, acute panic attacks to prescribe the patients with the best care available. He has become a brain disorder specialist because of his years of studying brain injuries and is a consultant for the National Football League. He has […]

Doctors in Britain Demand Tax Increase of Sweet Treats

The obesity epidemic has reached an all-time high in Britain and doctors have devised a way of trying to reverse the health-impeding epidemic. Britain’s doctors have come to a conclusion that if the government would place an additional 20% tax on sweet treats, the public would buy less of the sugar-laden products. Healthy folks like […]

Older Athletes Find the Fountain of Youth

Is there anyone past the age of 50 not interested in feeling younger? The onset of wrinkles, body aches, hair loss, and not to mention, a stubborn pot belly that has anchored itself onto your stomach is more than enough reason to look for something better. It’s nice to know that there is good news […]

Is Chlorine in Swimming Pools Hard on Your Lungs?

Research shows that chlorine used to clean pools not only irritates the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, but also increases the risk of an asthma attack, according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The report found that children and teens swimming in chlorinated pools not only have a higher risk of bringing […]