Dating In Russia

Thanks to the internet, someone looking for love does not have to be confined to their location or how far their vehicle can take them. Finding love is easier than ever thanks to the World Wide Web. Better still for the romantics out there, these advances in technology have made it easier for Americans to […]

Pet Care is Important

I love being a dog owner. I have had pets my whole life. If I made more money, I would have a horse like I did when I was growing up. Pets add to life. As a child, I know that having pets made life more fun and enjoyable. I also understand pet care is […]

In the Field: Psychiatry

The field of psychiatry on has grown a lot since the cliche’ imaginings of an angst filled patient on a long couch and a studious glasses-clad doctor scribbling notes down on their clipboard. What’s the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist anyway? According to, a psychiatrist is a doctor who deals with […]

Dr. Daniel Amen: Eating for the Brain

In this client, there is a lot of mental illness and many treatments for mental illnesses. Many people are getting prescribed different types of medication to treat illnesses like depression and ADD. There also seems to be an increase in instances of mental illnesses. At the same time, there has also been a change in […]