Sleep Apnea Can Be Conquered

Sleep Apnea has been connected to serious health problems such as, obesity, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, and daytime fatigue. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common and occurs when a person is sleeping. Snoring is one of the symptoms because the airway becomes blocked and air is forced through the airway to […]

Sleep Apnea Facts

Millions suffer with sleep apnea on a regular basis. This is something that is a bit of a mystery to most people. The condition causes an interruption in the breathing process during sleep periods. The breathing interruption during sleep might last a few seconds or a minute. Generally, the sleeper is fully unaware of the […]

What Matters in Beauty

When it comes to beauty, it is important to know that there are many different varieties that can be seen as beautiful. The most important thing about beauty is health. When one takes care of herself, she demonstrates her own beauty. Signs of self loathing and self neglect are not beautiful. This is why it […]

Embracing Business Tips As Shown By Solo Capital

Source: In business, learning is an infinite process that you should be ready to embrace. Each day, you will have to learn something new or a unique technique that can allow you to manage a business better. Many changes happen in business, something that could lead to losses of proper management is not embraced. […]

Highland Capital Management Recieves Award for High Performance

Dallas based investment management firm Highland Capital Management, L.P. and their affiliates announced the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund is the recipient of the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. This award serves to recognize funds that have higher levels of performance based on both quality and quantity factors. The Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund’s goal […]

Live Life Fully

There are things that change as they age. Sometime an illness or an injury will alter the way they live, whether temporarily or permanently. At these times an assisted living facility can be a wonderful way to maintain your dignity and lifestyle. You will still have the reassurance of caring professional medical care if you […]