Qnet and Women Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of women that want to start their own companies and be their own bosses. Many need to find a business that will work them, but are not sure what to choose. This is why Qnet is a great solution for many that want a full time income or just a little […]

Playing All Parts

I am the type of person that gets up every morning and reads the business news of all the gossip and stock drops that have happened overnight or throughout the week. One of my favorite companies to read up on is Solo Capital, which is run by the CEO, Sanjay Shah. This man Sanjay has […]

Sanjay Shah and the Birth of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah began his adventure by trying to become a doctor. After some time, however, Shah realized he didn’t want a doctor’s life and became an accountant for many investment banks. Things were going well until 2009 when a financial crisis hit and left Shah with no prospects for another job. He had little choice […]


Coriant is an independent Telecommunications Company established in the year 2013 from the great Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). The prior owners and the management were the Marlin Equity and later merge Coriant, Nokia and Tellabs optical segments in the operations. The headquarters of this company are in Munich, Naperville, U.S.A and Germany serving more than […]

Peace of The Day With Jon Urbana

Come all who are weary and find rest. Come from the rushing and the railing of the everyday monotony of stress and duty and breathe easy for even just a moment. Some new video work by Jon Urbana invites us all to rest. The simplicity of the everyday is often missed and undervalued. This has ever […]