The Requirements For A Good AdWords Campaign

White Shark Media knows the requirements for a good AdWords campaign. The firm is very successful because it uses a combination of skills and customization. The work and thought that the agents put into their campaign are effective in bringing up the sales for their clients. They also know the different avenues to go to […]

Securus And Louisiana Public Service Commission Puts Global Tel Link On Hot Seat

The Louisiana Public Service Commission has finished its fact-finding investigation into the wrongdoings of global inmate telecommunications provider Global Tel Link (GTL). The investigation uncovered a number of troubling integrity breaches and wrondoings that date back to 1998. Dallas-based Securus Technologies, one of the largest law enforcement telecommunication providers in the U.S. recently announced that […]

Help for the Whistleblower

Whistleblowing, while seemingly a new concept, has in fact been in place since 1867 (Archambeault and Webber, 2015), however the official date of inception and law was not until 2011. In recent years whistleblowing has attracted attention in part because of the monetary rewards paid out under federal programs. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) […]