Cleansing Your Body For A New Beginning


Can a body cleansing regime have a life altering effect? Consider the story of Pastor Hosea Collins. As described in a June article in DigitalJournal, Collins and his wife learned that she was in need of a kidney transplant. Collins was informed that he was too heavy at over three hundred pounds to be a suitable organ donor.


Collins then resolved to get down to the necessary weight by exercising, dieting, and undertaking a total of five full body cleanses developed by As a result of this combined regime, Collins lost a total of a hundred and twenty two pounds. He is currently awaiting the results of organ matching to see if his kidneys will serve as a suitable replacement for his wife. If not, since Collins is now at a healthy weight for surgery, he plans to donate a kidney to another transplant candidate. And in addition to being a generous man, Collins is a modest one. While determination and self-discipline helped him achieve his weight-loss goal, he doesn’t think he could have done it without the help of


The company was founded in 2004 by CEO A.D. Dolphin, a California based nutrition expert and health guru. The company’s cleansing products are a combination of natural gelatin-free ingredients that gently and gradually remove impurities from various body systems. When used in conjunction with other lifestyle enhancing methods such as healthy diet and exercising, these products can produce both weight loss and better body system functioning. Shape magazine was so impressed with the Dherbs cleansing method that it named it “the best detox program of 2014.”


Anyone who follows the Dherbs program as directed, has the potential for impressive results, something that NewsOne shows in their coverage. But in developing his products, Dolphin was especially focused on African Americans, a group that has historically struggled more with obesity, hypertension, and heart disease than other racial groups. Dolphin feels that the lifestyles, especially diet, of this group cause internal issues that lead to a preponderance of body weight and toxins. To that end, those taking the Dherbs full body cleanse eat only uncooked food while taking six herbal supplements daily. This break from certain toxins results in clearer skin and increased energy levels in addition to weight loss.


In addition to the cleansing program Dherbs offers a number of other healthy products including argan oil with lavender, jackrabbit stick, a detox deodorant, and migraine treatments. Pet owners will find healthy alternatives for their animal friends here as well, also allowing them a new beginning.

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