Markus Rothkranz Explains The Truth About Coffee Enemas

Health guru Markus Rothkranz explains in full detail why you shouldn’t do coffee enemas of any nuture. When looking to cleanse yourself of toxins properly, he stresses your best bet is to always use water. Water enemas simply close out and rid your porous body of toxins that could become reabsorbed in your bloodstream. If that occurs, your body will be poisoned again adding coffee to the mix is not a good idea. Markus Rothkranz then states that while it is partially true that coffee might help clean your liver, it is merely folklore because in the end, coffee is all around toxic to the body. To cleanse your body with something so toxic is essentially counterproductive. If you want to clean your liver, the easiest way is orally.

Markus takes down the addictive stimulant and discusses why an enema of that type will destroy the good bacteria located in your intestinal flora, and likely increase an absorption of toxins. Coffee enemas might also increase irritability and add unnecessary stress. This is because coffee crashes your anti-stress hormones produced by adrenals. So, if you want to stay upbeat, non-confrontational, and less jittery; lay off all of those caffeine infused enemas. Many clinics still use coffee enemas to this day but it’s not the coffee that is doing an adequate job cleansing, it’s the enema itself. Enemas are one of the best things you can do for cleaning out unwanted waste in your body. If you want positive results without any added side effects, just try a simple water based enema with no coffee and you will feel like new.

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