Sweetgreen’s CEO Nathaniel Ru: Transforming The Fast Food Industry

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of McDonough School of Business, Georgetown. He graduated in 1997 with a BSc in Finance before founding Sweet green alongside two of his colleagues, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. Sweetgreen is fast casual seasonal kitchen aimed at providing sustainable catering services with local sourcing. The first establishment was based in the heart of Georgetown but has now expanded to over 64 stores countrywide.


The American seasonal restaurant serves simple, healthy food across George town, California, New York, and many more states. The company has more than 1,700 employees. In addition to serving fancy foods, the firm is involved in philanthropic initiatives including music (Sweetlife festivals), lifestyle space, and technology(Sweetgreen App).


Sweetgreen Creating a Memorable Brand


Many legacy restaurants would wish to look like Sweetgreen if they had an opportunity to begin afresh. The Sweetgreen high-end salad chain has built a reputation in the modern food industries. The restaurant is backed by notable investors including Steve Case, Daniel Boulud, and Danny Meyer. The unique recipe made from fresh, organic, and local produce has resonated with diners across the U.S.


The group CEO Nathaniel Ru expressed his passion about creating a brand that means something to the American people, with the key focus on healthy eating.


Sweetgreen Backed with Technology


What puts the Sweetgreen chains ahead of the traditional restaurants is not just the quality healthy food, but the tech-based approach to business. The Georgetown University graduates have pioneered in technical innovations and over 30% of the restaurants, transactions are done on the company’s website or mobile App. According to Ru, technology is truly part of their DNA.


De-centralized Headcount


The three managers have adopted a unique management strategy of operating close to the customers. They operate without a major headquarter with each CEO traversing the branches to grow the business nationally. The company recently opened new offices in Los Angeles and aims to decentralize its headcount further.


Common Goal


The three co-CEOs of Sweetgreen share a common background. Their parents are first generation immigrants with solid backgrounds in entrepreneurship. They also share the same course at the Georgetown University studying entrepreneurship. This uncommon union makes them steer the company to greater heights.


The co-founders noticed the gap in healthy eating options in Georgetown and chose to focus on that and opened their pioneering restaurant in 2007. They were entirely convinced of their vision to succeed in business when the restaurant survived the winter break as students went home for vacations.



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