Make Money And Savor The Best With Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard began in early 2001. The company offers a set of different tastes to the wine consultants. It is based in the United States and ranks among the direct sale companies. People interested in making cash through Traveling Vineyard gets assured of inventory that’s likable.

The idea is earning from attending weekly wine tasting parties. It also includes the distribution of wines to family, friends or a personal network of friends. With the current rate of wine consumption, reaching a particular target of direct sales is easy. However, one gets to join after being sponsored by an already registered Traveling Vineyard consultant.

The monthly profit depends on one’s personal effort. The salary is directly proportional to the sales volume. The sales commission range between 15-35 percent. It is, however, dependent on monthly sales performance and the level of leadership. Additionally, for each event hosted, sales worth $ 150 earns the consultant a 5- bottle tasting set. There are 15 leadership levels. Wine Aficionado is the lowest level. Beginners work their way up by achieving monthly targets set for different levels. Additionally, wine consultants topping the sales levels gets to enjoy vacation trips. Usually, being consistent or exceeding sales wins a consultant a free vacation. With time, incentives are declared and consequently, helps the consultant set new goals.

Hosting wine tasting events for the company comes with a rewarding package. For sales above $ 250, hosts get a discount of 10 percent and a free bottle of wine. Sales that hit the $ 500 mark receive discounts of 20 percent and a free bottle while sales amounting to $ 750 gets a 25 percent cut and one bottle of the finest wine available. Customers buying more than 11 bottle gets to choose one free bottle from the available collection.

Traveling Vineyard Social media presence is one filled with details of their wine collections. The platform shows pictures of successful events held and upcoming events. There are several tips and pointers of increasing sales.


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