Eric Lefofsky Promotes Cancer Help

Throughout the career that Eric Lefofsky has had, he has been successful with the things that he is doing. He wants to make sure that people are able to get the help that they need with different things and that means that he does what he can for those who are struggling. Whether he is helping someone who wants to be able to save money or he is helping someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, Mr Eric Lefofsky does what he can to make sure that he is getting the most out of different situations. He also wants to be able to show people the opportunities that they have and that they will be able to make sure that things are going the right way for their lives. Eric Lefofsky is a helper and he is the one who has been able to help people save money and even make their lives easier while they are undergoing treatment for cancer.

When his career was first truly taking off, Eric Lefofsky was working as one of the creators of Groupon. He started out in the Chicago area and then the company grew to astronomical proportions. Now, it is able to help people in all areas of the United States and even in some foreign countries. Eric Lefofsky knew that it was going to be a hit but he had no idea that it was going to be able to help people in the way that he was able to. He wanted to make sure that it was done the right way and that people were able to truly enjoy the business. Click here to know more.

Despite the problems that Eric Lefofsky encountered during his career, nothing compared to his wife’s cancer diagnosis after he retired. This event spurred him to make the decision to make his next business about helping people with cancer diagnoses. He didn’t know much about the disease so he decided to partner with someone who knew about genetic treatments and together they created Tempus. This company helps people find new cures for cancer and helps people deal with cancer while they are fighting it.

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