Trabuco’s – From The Days When War Was A Face To Face Affair

Before gun powder and explosives were introduced to war, a Trabuco (similar to catapults) was used to blast through city walls or shoot heavy rocks over them to damage the buildings beyond. In some parts of the world (Portugal, Brazil and France) ancient revolvers and shotguns were also referred to as Trabuco.

As early as 400 DC, Trabuco’s were used by Chinese in civil wars and by 500 DC they had gained popularity in Europe and the Middle East as well. First tried in Europe in Northern Germany, it wasn’t long before anyone with a war to fight was using them. Trabuco’s were the highest technology available for war machines in those days and no one can deny the damage they were capable of.

By converting gravitational energy into kinetic energy, force is generated to fire projectiles on The bigger the Trabuco, the more power it delivers. The larger machines could take as many as 45 men to handle and the destruction they are capable of is amazing. Large, well aimed heavy rocks can do as much damage today as they did centuries ago.

There are two types of Trabuco. One is the tensile and the other, a hybrid Trabuco. According to, tensile requires human hands-on to operate and can toss up to 140 lbs from 80 meters, and capable of delivering a load every 60 seconds. The hybrid is a monster that can hurl 400 pounds from a distance of 300 meters. Hybrids were used by Middle Eastern Merchants to fight Egyptian soldiers.

Nowadays, Trabuco’s play a more peaceful role as a means of entertainment, used for activities such as throwing paper or foam balls, and even grapes. Scaled down in size, all it takes is imagination to come up with a use for one. As long as the counterweight is about 130 times heavier than what you intend to throw it should work just fine.

Using one for entertainment today isn’t any more complicated than when they were used for war and killing. If you are considering building one, keep in mind even a tennis ball thrown with enough force and speed can do some damage on Whatever size you settle on for your Trabuco should always be appropriate to the area you plan to use it in because anything you put in that sling is going to go a long way before it stops.

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