Rick Smith’s culture of innovation and accountability at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dallas based technology company Securus, has committed himself to installing and fostering a culture of innovation and accountability. Rick Smith believes to drive innovation and technology, then the silos must be broken down and that the workforce must be empowered to do what they were hired […]

Elysium Health Supplements for You

Elysium Health Company is focusing on converting chemicals that are used in the laboratory to prolong the lives of worms and mice into vitamin pills for combating aging in human beings. Leonard Guarante, the owner and founder of Elysium Health Company, is convinced altering the body’s metabolism may be able to help in these regards. […]

Why Beneful Has It’s Name

We all know Beneful for their quality dog foods, treats, and other pet-related delicacies that are enjoyed by canines all around. But what does the word Beneful definition actually mean, and can it tell us something about the brand? Well, according to one spokesperson at the foundation of the brand in 2001 said that the […]