Perry Mandera: an experience of business life

This article will give information about a man named Perry Mandera, the owner of Custom Co. He established Custom Co in Northlake, Illinois in 1986. With his professional activities, Mandera is also a supporter of the (ISCC) the Illinois State Crime Commission. That was an organization which awarded him the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011 and earlier won the Bishop Shel Award in 2010. Mandera is a transportation industry executive who has more than thirty years of that job experience.


The organization of the ISCC is an advance in initiatives which lowers juvenile delinquency and crime. This is at the same time of promoting positive interaction among the public members and law enforcement. The organization’s work in the area of Chicago comes with giving hands-on training for agencies of local law enforcement.


The ISCC does more things in improving skills and knowledge of the police officers of the Chicago area. The organization advances legislation which bulks up existing laws and lowers crime. The efforts of the group in the area have focused on many serious issues. They are alcohol and drug possession for underage, juvenile sex offenders, impaired driving, and domestic violence.


Now some more general information about Mandera. Mandera established Custom Cares Charities with a strong dedication he had to assist others. It was also a dedication to his church and family and his sports passion. After working for many different companies specializing in transportation, Perry Mandera since 1980 decided to start his own company. In 1985, he decided to sell the company.


Mandera also had an interest in the field of politics. With that interest, Mandera served as the Republican Ward Committeeman from 1984-1988 for the 26th Ward in Chicago. In that moment, he was the youngest person to be elected to that position.


Next, in 1986 Custom Companies Inc. was born. Currently, the company is of service to thousands of customers like Fortune 100 corporations and small businesses (PerryMandera.Weebly). The company employees several hundreds of people and has had annual sales going beyond 200 million dollars.

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