Academy of Art University Designers Rockin the Walk

Located in the heart of San Francisco is the Academy of Art. This for-profit institution was established by Richard Stephens in 1929. The school in the city by the bay reflects the values of the city’s inhabitants to brighten the world with color and innovation.


The Academy of Art is a place to listen and learn, to improve personally and artistically, to mature professionally and embrace the school’s philosophy of giving back to the community of which it is an integral part. It would be hard to imagine San Francisco without the academy. They are inseparable.


Students of the school are a product of a rigorous curriculum and diverse student body that inspires imagination and creativity through hands-on experience. Graduates move on to establish successful careers in the arts and in design. Case in point is the recognition of talented Academy of Art designers at New York’s Fashion Week held September 7th, 2017.


The venue for the show was Skylight Clarkson Square, where the group of Academy of Art students who hail from all points on the globe put the design world on notice that the next generation of high-end fashion designers had arrived.


Their designs and inventive use of every material imaginable represent the wide variety of perspectives of the world as they see it, and of personal journeys that include triumphs and failures, struggles and successes and a never-ending sense of what’s next in fashion.

Some designers produced a line of clothes that honored their cultural history, customs and traditions. Others created designs to conform to their beliefs of what defines elegance in fashion. Then, there were those who used art to illustrate a life-changing experience that redefined who they were and where they were determined to go, no matter how difficult the task, or how extreme the sacrifice.


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