Jorge Moll: Encouraging People to Give

The holidays are fast approaching, and this season will be marked with gift giving and food sharing. According to studies conducted by Brazilian neuroscientists, people should practice giving because it is good for the body. Jorge Moll is one of the Brazilian neuroscientists studying about morality, and while experimenting back in 2006 with his colleague, they found out that giving causes the brain to release signals that cause the body to feel pleasure, comparable to eating delicious food or having good sex. As the study about morality progresses, there are other things that the neuroscientists found out about giving, and according to Jorge Moll, there are so many benefits to get when people give religiously. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

The first benefit of giving something is the feeling of happiness. According to a study published by neuroscientists, they found out that the sense of joy spiked significantly to those people who gave their money to someone else, compared to those who spent it on themselves. Jorge Moll stated that his experiment years ago would confirm the existence of signals and hormones that are responsible for making someone happy through giving. This phenomenon is also dubbed by others as “helper’s high,” characterized by a very pleasurable feeling after doing something right. Aside from making us happy, giving is also good for the health. Studies conducted by neuroscientists found out that generous givers are more likely to live longer than those who don’t. They are pointing out that the reason why people have a chance of living longer when giving generously is that of the fact that stress levels significantly decrease after doing something right. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Giving is also useful for improving social interaction, and it can also evoke the feeling of gratitude. These would help an individual live an excellent life, and if they are giving something or volunteering to an organization, they would feel that their purpose in life is slowly being fulfilled. Lastly, Jorge Moll stated that giving is contagious, and every small good deed being done to someone is passed on, making the world a better place. Jorge Moll encourages everyone to give so that they can feel better.



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