Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur who predicts the future of technology. Being a skilled futurist, this successful entrepreneur has gained a lot of popularity in the world of technology. He predicts the future direction that technology is taking by mainly paying attention and observing the progress of the present technology. Jason has a belief that on the basis of the current trends of technology, the Internet of things (IoT) might be a key role player in the future society, especially since more and more devices become connected devices. Jason offers advice and opinions regarding technology. This helps the modern business holders and investors who have the interest of investing in future technology.

The internet of things, according to Jason, offers convenience to devices designed with it. However, he stresses that in spite of the convenience of these devices; there may be some huge security risks involved. Jason relates the increase in IoT device attacks to those hackers who deal with sensitive data-laden interfaces. Most IoT devices do not have high security. Jason adds that smaller devices that do not have the iPhone or Droid computing strength are more susceptible to security threats.

Jason is very passionate about working with businesspersons to offer guidance following the appropriate direction technological-wise. To show his support towards improving the lives of prospective technologists, Jason is also involved in the inspiration and cultivation of young entrepreneurs as they explore the world of technology for the first time. According to him, young entrepreneurs have a lot of great ideas, but they, unfortunately, lack the financial aid to implement these ideas. In relation to this, Hope is a constant sponsor of seniors in college giving them grants to implement their ideas as they get introduced to the technology world.

Jason is also a known philanthropist. This is evident as he supports humanitarian organisations financially and morally. He tends to involve himself with those organisations that focus on improvement of the humanitarian future by fighting ageing effects and enabling people to live longer. As he emphasises that technology is the future, Jason focuses on several aspects of research and development. He majorly has a target of improving human welfare as well as easing people’s lives by the development of gaming software, desktop software, technological gadgets and mobile apps. Jason is always updated with the latest projects and organisations that have a high probability of improving the current technology. He further supports such projects and organisation.

About Jason Hope: inspirery.com/jason-hope/

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