The Contribution of Oncotarget Journal in Medical Research

Oncotarget published research which describes the relationship between the Telomeres and the aging. The research established that the length of Telomeres reduces with the increase in aging. The research also identified that the physical activity or exercise leads to increase the length of telomeres. Athletes, for instance, have longer telomeres.

The length of telomeres varies with the population. The older people in the society shorter was also established that the chronic exercises have an impact on the telomeres length. The physical activity affects the oxidative stress. The information was obtained from Oncotarget journal. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Player.FM.

The patients who have been diagnosed with cancer usually develop resistance to treatment .the patients who have papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) are unfortunate when they develop resistance to drug vemurafenib. The researchers from Harvard Medical School have found out that palbociclib can overcome the resistance developed by vemurafenib. The mutation of the cancer cells were associated to the loss of P16 gene.P16 hinders cell division by avoiding the development of CDK4/6.the researchers established that palbociclib could inhibit the CDK4/6 hence it is recommended for treating breast cancer.


The cancerous cells completely died when treated with vemurafenib and palbociclib in combination. The impact was more significant when the drugs are combined unlike when one of the drugs is used alone. The use of vemurafenib and palbociclib is the best in avoiding the resistance. The strategy is suitable for treating patients who have primary or secondary resistance. The therapy found by the researchers can be proofed through clinical tests with individuals who have been diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer.

Oncotarget is a renowned medical journal that publishes its article was founded in 2010 and deals majorly on articles that discusses on oncology. Mikhail Blagosklonny serves as the senior editor of the journal. The journal has received many peer reviews, and they have made it be a famous journal in the market. Other subjects covered by the journal are Neuroscience and Metabolism. Most of the articles are made available for free, but the print form of the journal can be obtained upon special request. The journal has been beneficial to many scientific researchers. The researchers get information which is fundamental to preventing and treating various diseases in the world. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Stitcher.

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