Mike Baur Does it All

Mike Baur knows a little something about banking and getting a business off the ground. As a matter of fact, he not only knows what it takes to do well financially within commerce and trade but also does so independently and repeatedly. Undoubtedly, the reason why he knows how to do these things is because his education, subsequent training and experiences are with some of the best professionals in the field if banking and business. It does not hurt at all that he also shows a keen interest in technology and the shaping of young bright minds into bold pioneering leaders.


His higher education begins with getting degrees from Bern University as well as the University of Rochester, which opens the door for him to initiate an apprenticeship with Union Bank of Switzerland. As the title definitely suggests, this position turns out to be just the beginning for him and it starts one Mike Baur on a road that ends with in a couple of top spots in two different organizations. But of course, there are a few stepping stones for him to cross before arriving at his current and final destination. In his case, the next stop on the road of life is Clariden Leu located in Zurich where he devotes more than half a decade to gainful employment and loyal service.


But still, there is something missing and in his life, and the international economic times make it possible and worthwhile to do more to contribute to the business world. And, that is when things get really interesting and just a bit more challenging than simply putting the clock for the Baur businessman’s time. This is when the Swiss Start Up Factory is created by Baur, with the help of Max Meister as a partner.


The Start up Factory, does a lot for new businesses in very short amount of time. In fact, companies that lucky, smart and fast enough to keep up with the programs offered by Baur and Meister’s programs go from zeros to heroes in just three months. This business “boot camp” is proven to get results and is most effective, because the professionals with their hands on the wheel know how it feels to succeed in these models themselves. That is to say that Mike can take credit for crushing the START Summiteer contest, which is basically the spark that turned into a big flame for his business endeavors.


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