Financial Businesses Grow Together

NexBank offers customers the flexibility of savings and checking accounts. Also provides them with the convenience of online banking, online bill pay, and the understanding of having access to their account 24/7. Customers can also transfer funds online from one account to another. Customers are also able to transfer funds from personal accounts to business accounts online. Accounts can earn interest depending on the amount that is available. NexBank also offers mortgages to people who reside in the Dallas, Texas area. It’s more convenient to have a mortgage at a bank that is local because they will always be there when you have questions or making a payment.

NexBank was able to raise $220 billion of equity since 2016 with the assistance of shareholders. They also offer a Wealth Management that displays an active approach to the client’s needs. NexBank has an experienced team of executives with over 25 years of financial education. The active approach NexBank uses is simple, it allows their clients to interact with investors and business associates as a team.

NexBank made their debut in October 2017 for the first time with TREC Shark Tank: GrowSouth. They chose three finalists to help draw more real estate development to southern Dallas. A local doctor is planning to build a dialysis center with imaging, and urgent care emergency center. Another company is seeking developers to assist in building single-family homes that will be priced at affordable rates. A partnership plans to gain investors to build a maintenance and repair shop for the Dallas Executive Airport.

NexBank is ranked 10th in the state of Texas and the fourth largest financial corporation in Dallas. They strive for the commitment of their customers and clients. Their investors have proven that NexBank is the right choice when it comes to financial business matters.

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