Lime Crime Announces Partnership For Product Launch In China

LimeCrime is taking a different approach to their product launch in China, and this new approach helps them stick with their own policy. The topic was discussed by Kim Walls at the NRF Conference in Los Angeles.

In China, wholesale cosmetics must be tested on animals before they are released to the public. The company does not believe in this practice because they are a vegan brand. If the company wanted to launch in China, they would need to find a way around this requirement.

LimeCrime had the idea to ship their products from the United States to China, but shipping directly to China would only make their launch difficult. It would result in managing duties and taxes, international returns and complex transportation logistics. The customer service team would also have to address questions and concerns in a foreign language.

LimeCrime also had to address the use of counterfeit products in their name. The company found out that counterfeits of their lip toppers were being sold in markets throughout China. Marketplaces selling counterfeit products could damage the reputation of the company in the long run.

The solution to these obstacles was to partner with Revolve for their launch in China. Revolve is a Los Angeles e-commerce fashion company looking to step into the world of cosmetics. The companies are able to work together because they have the same perspective and audience.

LimeCrime prepared for the launch by encouraging their customers to visit the official website and social feeds of Revolve. This method spread the word and built an audience before the launch. The company also allowed customers to visit the e-commerce hub just two hours before the launch. It also let customers know that Revolve would be their only source of legitimate products in China.

The company would rather work with a less well-known individual than a first-tier influencer on this project. They want someone who is passionate about their brand to represent them online and offline.

Revolve is already carrying a variety of products from Lime Crime, and this includes the Venus Palette, Matte Velvetines and Diamond Crushers.

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