Pediatrician and Family Man Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well known and respected surgical expert and a pediatrician. He is also an educator and he does plenty of research to ensure that he is the best of the best. Dr. Holterman is also putting his best foot forward by saving PLENTY of lives of the little kids in Vietnam by working with and for the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. He has a big heart and he does the most possible for his clients.

Wisconsin born Mark Holterman graduated from Yale University in 1980. His major was in biology at Yale. He also attended University of Virginia, where he went to obtain his major as a pediatrician. However, while attending the University of Virginia, he met his future wife – Ai-Xuan Le. Ai-Xuan Le influenced Holterman into also obtaining his degree to become a surgeon, as that is what Ai-Xuan was very passionate about and what she was attending the school to major in. Mark influenced Ai-Xuan into becoming a pediatric surgeon, as he was very passionate about becoming a pediatrician. The two just naturally complimented each other and that is what began their romance that ended in them getting married and starting a family.

A few of the places that Dr. Mark Holterman has worked include, but not limited to the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center where he worked as a surgery resident, the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center where he worked as a pediatric surgery fellow and the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal where he worked as a research associate.

With more than an astonishing 20 years of experience under his belt, Mark is now ; the CEO of the investment firm named Mariam Global Health, he has also been a faculty member of the University of Illinois College of Medicine since 2011. Mark is currently a professor there where he teaches courses in pediatrics and in surgery to produce future generations of great surgeons and pediatricians!

On top of all the amazing things Mark has done to serve his clients, and the community, he also has an interest in stem cell therapy. Holterman has published several articles in the subject. His dedication, passion and heart of gold has defined him into the man he is today, See his profile here.

Dr. Mark Holterman specializes in pediatric surgery, but some of his research interests besides being a pediatric surgeon and stem cell therapy also include ; regenerative medicine as well as obesity and novel cancer treatments to ensure his clients are happy and healthy! Get connected with him on

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