Eric Lefkofsky Intends To Improve Cancer Treatments With Tempus Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is widely known throughout the Chicago area and the business industry as a highly successful entrepreneur himself. He has started up several successful companies since first graduating college back in 1991, including InnerWorkings, Echo Global, and most notably, Groupon. Eric latest endeavor in the world of business is Tempus, which is focused on compiling and structuring clinical data with analytics and learning software. Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus in 2015 along with Brad Keywell and has since raised more than 130 million dollars in funding for the company. According to Eric, the main mission for Tempus is to improve the capabilities of doctors and change the way decisions are made with better technology.

Cancer itself is a highly complex disease that remains difficult to treat due to its aggressive nature. After seeing the effects of cancer up close and personal, Eric Lefkofsky knew there had to be a better way for doctors to treat patients inflicted with cancer. Despite being one of the most difficult diseases to treat, Eric knows treatment can be vastly improved through better data sequences being available to doctors. Several other organizations have come forward to aid Tempus’ technology as well, such as Revolution Growth and NEA. Also, with the help of several clinics and medical offices, Tempus is receiving more medical data that has been closed off.

Currently, cancer treatments are very generalized for the majority of patients out there, grouping up cancers based on where they originate in the body. The reality is that each person’s cancer is unique to there body and therefore needs to be approached in the same manner. Some treatments may work well for certain patients but be completely ineffective in others. In the future, Eric has stated the technology being used to further cancer treatments at Tempus could also be used for other diseases in the medical field as well.

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