Why Jason Hope Gave $500,000 To The SENS Foundation

The SENS Foundation is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that performs anti-aging research. They have developed a program maned AGE-breaker. The term AGE refers to metabolic waste that slowly builds up in a person’s body over the course of their lifetime. This metabolic waste eventually leads to degeneration of the body. Among the AGE related diseases are osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s. This organization seeks a way to prevent this metabolic waste from building up thus extending peoples lives and making them healthier.

Jason Hope is one of the biggest supporters of the SENS Foundation. In 2010 he provided this organization with a $500,000 donation to further their anti-aging mission. They used the money to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and start another research program. At the time he made this donation he commented that he saw this organization as very innovative. He also said that their work to discover cures for degenerative diseases was something he found inspiring.

In the past much of the research into anti-aging has been disappointing. The reason for this is because the research was done using lab animals and the results didn’t translate well to humans because people have longer life spans than they do. The differences in genetic makeup also made the results hard to translate to humans as well. Over time the research has evolved to where next generation anti-aging research is showing much greater promise.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the tech industry. He started his own company in the mid 2000s and now invests in tech startups. He is also a writer and his writing has made appearances in publications. His focus of the past few years has been on the Internet of Things and how it revolutionize how people live and work.

It was in the state of Arizona that Jason Hope was born and grew up. He is a graduate of Arizona State University where he earned both his bachelor’s degree and MBA. He now resides in Scottsdale where he focuses on investing in the tech industry, in particular in the mobile space, and philanthropy.

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