Jason Hope, Donor, Internet Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist

With the contemporary trends in technology, the medical sector, and other industries, people have become obsessed with beauty and wanting to stay young for as long as they can. This is particularly the case for age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Luckily, there are entrepreneurs whose focus is on anti-aging initiatives. One such investor is Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur who utilizes his influence and money on anti-aging ventures. He is a philanthropist whose efforts extend to foundations like the SENS Research Foundation, which he donated $500,000 back in 2010. This allowed the foundation to build a lab for anti-aging research purposes referred to as the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

The contribution allows the foundation to research and find treatment for several degenerative diseases. He says that heart, Alzheimer’s and lung diseases affect many people and they often lead to unexpected demise. Which is why the brains behind the research foundation, Aubrey de Grey agrees with him; and is using his position as the Chief Science Officer to ensure success in the field.

Jason Hope’s philanthropic work has also extended to other foundations like the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Leukaemia& Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Family Health International, Metropolitan Phoenix Boys and Girls Club among others.

Apart from the philanthropy work, Jason Hope says the internet of things has changed the lives of many. People can connect and explore countless opportunities. He says it has enabled people to work from home, has made inventory tracking easy, has improved efficiency and consumer demands can now be met quickly.

With his expertise, he keeps himself updated with the current technology, and he utilizes the knowledge to determine the future of investments in the sector. Some of the information he shares in his website helps other investors who are looking to make significant investments in the coming years.

He believes in the power of grants, which is why he often invests in some young minds. In an interview, he stated that funding a new business idea for some is difficult, especially for students or young entrepreneurs. He says because the economy doesn’t give them a chance to save enough for business ventures, his grants go a long way in helping them see their dreams come true. He does this through his website where he picks unique business ideas and funds them.

Hope is a finance degree graduate from Arizona State University. He also has an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He spent most his childhood years in Tempe and is an Arizona Native.

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