OSI Food Solutions Improves Chicken Capacity and Production

OSI Food Productions is a global food production company with research and development centers, food processing factories, and culinary consultants located all over the world. Most people have eaten a product of this food company, without even realizing that the products were conceived or processed in one of its labs or test kitchens. The company works with brands, restaurants, and stores to help them create the products that they require in order to create everything from fast food to ready to eat meals to condiments that can be customized and made to a brand’s specifications.

With ever increasing acquisitions OSI is able to improve and increase the level of food production it is capable of, in all areas where it has established itself. A recent purchase has led to the increase in chicken meat production through new facilities and state of the art technology that both increases the quantities gained, while also cutting down on the required production times so that even more meat can be processed in the same facility. This latest development also made allowances for a new kitchen to be added so that quality and food research and development can occur onsite, where the source of the meat is.

Above all, OSI Food Solutions is intent on creating new and improved food safety standards and practices that raise the quality of food entering the marketplace. The research and development done means that not only can a brand count on new and customizable ingredients and food products being created, but new ideas that a brand might not even have considered would be possible. New ways of cooking, preparing, and combining foods are continually produced and many of these have become commonplace after introduction to brands by OSI Group.

Through the constant growth and global network that OSI Food Solutions is creating it is able to best serve its current and future clients through the use of the best facilities, but also the best food and food scientists.

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