David Giertz Emphasizes the Importance of Social Security benefits when it comes to retirement planning

David Giertz believes strongly in the idea of putting extra emphasis on Social Security benefits as part of the discussion by financial advisors concerning retirement. And as President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, Giertz brings credibility and experience in matters of finance and planning. In a 2014 interview with the Wall Street Journal, titled, “Speak to Your Clients About Social Social Security,” Giertz notes that it is important for people to understand that financial advisors need to talk more about Social Security with clients. He emphasized however that the Social Security rulebook is 2,700 pages long, which makes it a difficult document to understand and work with.

David Giertz also noted that based on a survey done with close to 900 people, aged 50 or older by Nationwide Retirement Institute, 4 out of 5 survey takers said that they would change advisors, in retrospect, if their advisor didn’t discuss Social Security benefits with them. This lot of nearly 900 people included three categories: Future retirees, recent retirees, and 10-plus retirees.

Giertz also quipped during the WSJ interview that if people claim Social Security too early (62 is the starting age to withdraw), they can lose up to one thousand a month, or 300,000 over the course of 25 years. That is why it is important for people to approach retirement planning with Social Security as a key part, since it could take up close to 40 percent of one’s retirement income.

Giertz’s background in the financial services and advisory industry is a solid one. With 32 years of experience with Nationwide Investment Corporation in Ohio, Giertz is registered with FINRA as a broker and is also a financial advisor.

Being President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization lends credibility to Giertz when he doles out advice on how to plan their retirement, wisely. Many future retirees should be listening, and not just those people who live in Dublin, Ohio.

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