Susan McGalla Provides Experience from 2 Different Sides of the Coin

Susan McGalla has been able gain a lot of recognition for her role as a CEO of a major retail company. This is not the only woman that has been able to do this, but Susan stands out as someone that has been able to do it twice. This is what makes her stand out as the entrepreneur that people cannot seem to stop talking about.

She is now over creative development with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she has had a lot to do with the revamping of this clothing line, but it is clear that Susan McGalla has so many different skills to bring to any type of company. She is a mastermind in marketing, and she knows a lot about what it takes to build a company from the ground up.

Susan can speak about what it takes to build a company from a start point because she has already done this. At one time she was in the leadership role with a consulting company of her own. These are the type of things that have made people recognize just how great Susan McGalla is when it comes to the world of consulting and business start-ups.

This really makes Susan someone that has a two-fold knowledge base when it comes to women in the business world. She is someone that knows about startups as a business woman, and she is also someone that knows about getting to the top in the corporate world as a woman. This has made her a great representative for sharing knowledge and getting more information to the women that have found many stumbling blocks in the business world.

Even her new job with the Pittsburgh Steelers is something that represents a whole new facet of business world experience that most women do not have.

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