Malcolm CasSelle: Insight Into Virtual Asset Trading

The trading of virtual assets has taken place on centralized marketplaces since the industry first began. While for many years this represented the pinnacle of technology over time it became obvious that there were some flaws that were inherent with the use of a centralized marketplace. Chief among these flaws are the issues of geographic fragmentation and the prevalence of fraudulent activity. Due to the fact that virtual asset trading takes place around the entire world, there are many cases where users who wish to exchange virtual assets must utilize foreign-exchange markets in order to facilitate their transactions due to the fragmented geography that they share. Additionally, a centralized marketplace makes an obvious point of attack for hackers who wished to promote fraudulent activity. Both of these issues are soon to be solved with the help of a new idea and company that have been created by none other than Malcolm CasSelle.

If you have been paying close attention to the digital technology industry, you more than likely have heard of Malcolm CasSelle. He has been a successful venture capitalist and has been one of the earliest investors in both Facebook and Zynga. In addition to his success as a venture capitalist Malcolm CasSelle has been a leader for several startup companies that achieved success in the digital technology industry such as Xfire and Tencent.

For the last several years Malcolm CasSelle has served in key leadership roles for various digital technology companies. He was the chief executive officer for digital technology company Timeline Labs whenever Seachange International acquired the corporation. Upon the acquisition of the company by Seachange International he was immediately transitioned into a new leadership role as the senior vice president of Seachange International. Today he serves as the chief investment officer for one of the world’s leading centralized virtual asset trading marketplaces Opskins.

Malcolm CasSelle has recently developed his own company which he has named worldwide asset exchange. The company promises to utilize blockchain technology in order to implement the first decentralized marketplace for the exchange of virtual assets. He has also developed a cryptocurrency which will serve as a common unit of value between virtual asset traders.


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