OSI Industries Acquires Big European Food Distributor Baho Food

OSI Industries has ranked high in the meat sector of the food wholesale industry and one purchase that has given them that high ranking is Baho Food based in the Netherlands. This company’s products consist mostly of snack meats and deli sandwich meats, and they also have a few baked convenience food items. Baho Food was undergoing some shortages in their budget, and now that OSI Industries owns them they will be able to invest in more of their current inventory as well as add more of OSI’s products. Baho Food managing director John Balvers will retain his position as well as the other employees at the company, and they are all delighted to now be working with OSI Industries executives Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald.

OSI Industries is headquartered in Chicago but has offices in Brazil, Canada, China, Spain and the Philippines. Otto Kolschowsky can be credited as the company’s original founder when he opened a butcher shop which became a popular local meat store. The store would be managed by both Kolschowsky and his sons for more than 60 years, and hence it earned its first name Otto & Sons. Its path to growing internationally began with a deal that was made with former McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc to be the young fast food franchise’s sole meat supplier. Sheldon Lavin came to the company not long after this deal was completed and he laid out the groundwork for Otto & Sons to move into foreign markets. By 1975 it became renamed OSI Industries.

OSI Industries has made it highly important that it’s products meet customer tastes and are adaptable to each market they serve. They’ve invested not only in major production equipment, refrigeration systems and high quality heating, but also in food research centers to test new products and ensure they meet health standards. OSI’s executives have put a special emphasis on safety because equipment in their facilities is among some of the most dangerous in terms of sharp objects, and fuel that’s used to power them is environmentally friendly. The British Safety Council even presented OSI’s leaders with the Globe of Honour in 2016 for being one of the few companies demonstrating their commitment to safety and clean energy. But OSI Industries also prides itself on taking care of its employees and many of them become long-term employees who eventually earn raises and promotions. OSI’s executives also take joy in being personal and being called by name.

About OSI Group: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03083661

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