Seeking New Sage from Drew Madden

Who is this Drew Madden fellow I keep hearing about?

If you’ve ever heard of Evergreen Healthcare, you’ve probably heard of Drew Madden at some point. He’s currently a managing partner of the renown health care company, and he once served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners for five years. During that time, the company saw a titanic jump in size, power and respectability, and the man has since found a sweet spot with Evergreen as a health care IT executive with the power to turn gutter-bound health and wellness companies into powerful influences within the industry.

Madden’s relevance is becoming more pronounced as Amazon continues to cut swaths through multiple retail industries, forcing some companies to jump the cliff while others are managing to eke out innovation and remain afloat for a little longer. Recently, the colossus founds it footing in the medical field with licenses to sell medical equipment, and they’ll soon obtain additional legal permission to sell prescription medications on top. This is a serious problem for primarily medical companies such as Walgreen’s, but make no mistake: Countermeasures are being pursued as this article is typed.

Where Drew Madden finds his newfound relevance is in the latest advancement for CVS, an incredibly well-managed company that took notice to Amazon’s latest shenanigans and decided it was high time to discuss an acquisition deal with Aetna. Indeed, this is an intelligent tactic: By taking the helm of a major insurer, CVS can combine its stores into a complete all-in-one medical service solution for the sale of prescription medication, health insurance and general goods. Because Amazon can’t touch insurance right now, they’re only able to detract somewhat from the retail side of things, so this exchange would keep CVS safe.

However, there’s one problem: In order to maintain the new responsibilities that are entailed by selling health care services, CVS will need to step up their back-end hardware game, and there’s also a new attitude toward software and networking that will be required here. To do this, Drew Madden will likely be called upon as well as Evergreen as a whole for their sage in guiding the health and wellness company in their battle against the net-based retail giant. Stay tuned!

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