Southridge Capital- Raising High in the Financial Market

Southridge Capital mandate is to offer its clients a full spectrum of well structured and innovative financial solutions. It deals with both public companies and also individuals. The company has a unique structure of executive team who are well skilled and knowledgeable with various financial skills to suit each client need. The team understands the business marketplace hence executing their plans well giving the client the much need success. Southridge Capital has deeply invested 1.8 billion dollars globally targeting growth of more than 250 public companies since 1996, and the success is due to expertise and skills to consult widely with the client.

The company provides different financial and business services to clients that include advisory, optimized company balance management, individualized financial techniques, Acquisitions and mergers of companies, Restructuring analysis and others. For the Balance Sheet Optimization, Southridge Capital, have skilled and professionals who help the company to have a well balanced financial return on their equities and debts. They also advise on the various mechanisms that will help the company yield its much-needed results.

The Legal Settlement service offered by Southridge focuses on helping the companies or individual with the settling of any litigation matters. This is done by precisely and transparently defining the legal requirements of both parties hence minimizing the expenses and time incurred. Southridge Capital has a unique structured aspect of financial services that entails Credit Enhancing, Securitization, and Financing Solutions. This enables them to give companies experiencing financial difficulty a way out. Through Securitization Solution Southridge Capital helps the company by offering monetization of their existing assets though getting of loans against their capital, insider shares and other arrays of assets.

According to ideamensch, Southridge Capital Chief Executive Officer and President Stephen M. Hicks started the company with the help of four others who make the management team. The company believes in principles of providing to the society through their different Social Responsibility that includes both the informal and also the formal philanthropy. They focus their energy on bringing positive initiatives that strengthen and also supports the community nationally. They have joined hands with Daystar Foundation to offer financial assistant in various organizations globally. For more info you can visit

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