Jeff Yastine: Bayan Hills Emmy Award Nominated Investment Guru

Bayan Hill Publishing has been making some incredibly smart financial decisions lately. The underground publisher — which is the biggest in the world in the financial niche — has hired some of the most notable investment figures in the industry. This hiring process has led them to become one of the most profitable underground publishers in finance. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

One of these hires was Jeff Yastine. What a coup getting Jeff Yastine was for Bayan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine came into Bayan Hill as a master of journalism. Jeff’s key attribute is his ability to connect with key players in the financial industry. Jeff Yastine has worked with some of the biggest names in the investment industry. Names like Michael Dell (yes the owner of Dell), John Bogle, Bill Gross, and the amazing Warren Buffet. Yastine has even had correspondence with Warren Buffet (the master of investing).

Jeff Yastine not only understands not only the market but the risks associated with the market. Jeff Yastine reported on the real estate crisis of the 2000s. Not only did Jeff Yastine report on it, he warned people about it. Jeff warned investors about the problems surrounding investing into systems with unsustainable growth. He also covered the tech bubble of the late 1990s and the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010. Both of these won him affection from investors. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Jeff Yastine runs Total Wealth Insider, the top performing newsletter in its niche. Total Wealth insider has been showing users the dangers of unsafe investments. It has also shown users how to make strategic investments into some of the most impressive upcoming businesses. Subscribers to Jeffs newsletter get an insider look into Jeff’s stock picks.

Jeff isn’t just any journalist. He has worked with PBS and was nominated for an Emmy award for his work. His work with the PBS Nightly Business Report led him to shake hands with some of the biggest names with investment. Overall, Jeff Yastine seems to be like one of the most trustable names in the investment world. If you are looking to invest in businesses, but want a smart, strategic way to do it, Jeff Yastine may be a person to look to.


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