The Academy of Art University Focuses on Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is actually becoming reality. The Academy of Art University students participated in an event by Tech in the Tenderloin, a non-profit organization that focuses on entrepreneurship of technology. In efforts to make the streets safer, a new smartphone application was developed called Tenderfeels.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and offers innovative training in design, entertainment, and liberal arts. The university’s School of Game Development embraced ideas that bridge the department’s ability to create interactive technology with communications. The students presented their work that utilized augmented reality to the Chief Innovation Officer of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation.

When the students participated in the event, the goal was to use augmented or virtual reality to find social solutions. The Tenderfeels application uses augmented reality to produce real-time data from residents as they share their moods that are related to their surroundings. Their past emotions that were angry or disgusted, went to joyful and happy. App users of Tenderfeels can see others results and understand why somebody had a certain emotion in an area. Augmented reality users can experience a world unlike any other with game design, programming, animation, and visual effects.

With a neighborhood described as unsafe and disgusting, it also had the highest rate of poverty and crime. But even though the reputation was negative, the history is captivating. Since the Gold Rush, the neighborhood was residential but was destroyed by fires in 1906 after the great earthquake. Afterwards, the Tenderloin district was rebuilt with single room hotels. This was geared towards new immigrants for young couples and single people.

Classroom and online courses are interactive and leads students to embrace other fields such as architecture and communications. The Academy of Art University offers an International Course Catalog. Students’ Communications and Media Technologies are featured on the university’s website.

The Academy of Art University’s motto is ‘Built by artists for artists’. The university was established in 1929 and offers traditional and online courses. Richard S. Stephens founded the university but is now lead by President, Dr. Elisa Stephens.


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