The Success Story of Nick Vertucci in a New Book

Nick Vertucci like all successful business men understand the challenges to starting up a business in both real estate and electronics. Due to lack of experience he lost his tech company, embracing the reality he was willing to change his business path inspiring himself through reading books on business success an example is who moved my cheese, from this he learnt to change and evolve. Nick encourages entrepreneurs self-talk and build a rigid belief system, work the mind out in order to achieve excellence coupled with the fact great financial depth is not a rosy journey and could be a hurdle after the next.

If Nick Vertucci could advise his younger self or anybody that sees themselves in his path, he would warn his younger self to plan for change and that nothing lasts forever and to be prepared for the downtimes, save and invest more into real estate. To grow a business Nick advices to work in service to your customers not from a selfish point of view.

He recently released his book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” that illustrates his battles in the business world from the downfall of his first company to his venture into the real estate business. The book describes how he started from the ground up in the real estate market and his progress over 10 years. The book is available on Amazon after being released on the 30th of April, 2018.

Nick was an entrepreneur in his early years, losing his father at an early age he had no option but to be self-independent at an early age. He was the owner of a tech company in the early 2000’s but lost his company during the internet crash putting him in dire situation millions of dollars in debt and with no backbone to fall unto. Looking to other fields of interest. Nick found himself attracted to the real estate business. During his initial years he made some profit going on to multiply those gains in the coming decade paying off his debt in the process. Due to his major successes in this field he went on to create his company the Nick Vertucci Academy.

To build a business you have to be willing to start small while aiming high, having ambition. One of the things that would have went through Nick Vertucci’s mind was how to make even more money than his incurred debt, so failure was never an option. Understanding the route to success includes knowing what comes along with progress, the detail, agreements, documentation and a whole lot of challenges. Nick Vertucci understood the hard graft that went into making a business and made sure he took daily steps to ensuring success. To increase his efficiency and improve quality, Nick Vertucci shows a pattern of self-belief that can withstand any circumstance.

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