The Achievements of the Brazilian Rally Driver—Rodrigo Terpins

Any fan of rally racing competitions in Brazil has definitely had of Rodrigo Terpins. Apart from being a brother to another successful rally driver, Michel Terpins, the star has made himself admirable through his accomplishments as a rally driver. As a small boy, he always had the passion and competitive spirit of being a winner.


Rodrigo Terpins has always been encouraged by the success of his family in sporting activities. His father is a recognized basketballer in Brazil, and through his encouragement, Rodrigo Terpins has always stayed focused. The racer has made remarkable performances in several rally championships he has participated in including Sertoes Rally.

Reaching greater heights with his companion

Rodrigo Terpins works together with his companion and brother, Michel Terpins. Because of their dedication, they decided to make up a team, Tea Bull Sertoes Rally team, which has been performing so well in the rally races. Because of their ambition to emerge the best, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother had their T-Rex made by MEM Motorsport. The duo has been spending quite some time behind the wheel practicing and ensuring that they get impressive results.

Being teammates as well as brothers has made Rodrigo and Michel win several competitions. Their most remembered competition is the 22nd Sertoes Rally event in which involved the duo were able to cover a distance of up to 2,600 km and still emerged from the top position. Visit to see more.


More about Rodrigo Terpins

Following in the footsteps of his father, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother are doing so well in the sports industry. He is happy with his career and believes that he must continue with the rallying career until his retiring age. Rodrigo Terpins works to ensure he balances his professional duties with family commitments. Although he never participated in the Cuesta of a road rally, the racer expressed his willingness to compete amidst the unavoidable circumstance but promises to participate in the next championship. Check out



Despite his successful career and several achievements, Rodrigo Terpins promises to remain dedicated so that he does not disappoint himself, his family, and his large fan base.

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