Peace of The Day With Jon Urbana

Come all who are weary and find rest. Come from the rushing and the railing of the everyday monotony of stress and duty and breathe easy for even just a moment. Some new video work by Jon Urbana invites us all to rest. The simplicity of the everyday is often missed and undervalued. This has ever […]

Embracing Business Tips As Shown By Solo Capital

Source: In business, learning is an infinite process that you should be ready to embrace. Each day, you will have to learn something new or a unique technique that can allow you to manage a business better. Many changes happen in business, something that could lead to losses of proper management is not embraced. […]

Matt Landis and Teammates Enrich Young Lacrosse Athletes through O.W.L.S.

The University of Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team recently participated in the fourth annual Playing for Peace event. The event provides free clinics for young, low-income lacrosse players through a partnership with Outreach With Lacrosse & Schools (O.W.L.S.). O.W.L.S. focuses on building sustained community partnership and youth participation in lacrosse. O.W.L.S. and Notre Dame have […]