InnovaCare Health Hires New Executives

In what could be seen as a move to boost the level of service delivery, InnovaCare Health recently announced the introduction of three new executives to its leadership team. The company, which provides healthcare services to residents of Puerto Rico, announced that Jonathan Meyers will take the position of Chief Actuary Officer. The second executive […]

The cure to sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a dangerous medical condition that should be treated by a professional. Anyone having trouble sleeping should never be taken for granted. Over time the health effects related to sleep apnea have become more clear in the eyes of medical professionals. There have been plenty of new connections linking sleep apnea to serious […]


What is Medicare health plan? Medicare health is a plan for people with Medicare. It is provided by a private company offering Part A and Part B benefits to this group of individuals. There are various Medicare health plans namely; Medicare Cost Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Demonstration/Pilot Programs. In this article, our primary focus […]