A Brilliant Man

When it comes to the world of physiotherapists, Brian Mulligan is a name that comes to mind. Mr. Mulligan became a qualified physiotherapist in 1954 and remained in the field until his retirement in 2000. To his credits Mr. Mulligan has received the prestigious award from the World Conference for Physical Therapy (WCPT), which is […]

How Much is Too Much When it Comes to Exercise?

You probably know and have been told by your doctor to exercise more often. We can’t live completely sedentary lives where we do nothing throughout the day. On the other hand, there is a growing trend where people are actually over-exercising throughout their day and are burning too many calories to withstand their energy levels. […]

Let Your Kids Fidget

If your kids have ADHD, they may seem very jumpy and fidgety. An instinct of parents is to try and get their kids to calm down, sometimes even reprimanding them for being fidgety. However, a recent study has shown that fidgeting can actually be good for kids with ADHD. In the study, when children with […]

Dan Newlin’s Fight for Justice

Dan Newlin, attorney of law has had a long and astonishing career with helping others in a selflessness way. Dan Newlin began his career at the age of 18 when he began working as an EMT. He remembers distinctly delivering a baby in the back of an ambulance after only 6 months being on the […]

Christopher Lee Dies At 93

It’s a said day for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans as Christopher Lee has died at the age of 93. According to reports, the British actor passed away on Sunday morning at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Reports indicate that Lee died of heart failure and a slew of respiratory problems. His wife, Lady Lee opted to delay news […]