Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur who predicts the future of technology. Being a skilled futurist, this successful entrepreneur has gained a lot of popularity in the world of technology. He predicts the future direction that technology is taking by mainly paying attention and observing the progress of the present technology. Jason has a belief […]

Malcom CasSelle Has Built A System That Allows For The Tokenizing Of Virtual In-Game Items

Malcom CasSelle is leading the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) into a bright future. By tokenizing in-game items, the decentralized platform is allowing everyone to take part of a virtual game assets marketplace that should lower costs of transactions and introduce new opportunities for marketplaces in games that have never had them. This means that gamers […]

What is Aloha Construction?

Aloha Construction is a family owned company with an abundance of licensed and skilled general contractors. Their headquarters are located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. They also have an office in Bloomington. However, they administer a variety of services in not only surrounding counties but the entire state of Illinois, as well as Southern Wisconsin. With […]

Philanthropic Work of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an honored entrepreneur who has developed the prosperous technology-based organization. He also approved for his importance support toward philanthropic undertakings. Furthermore, he is celebrated being a vital benefactor of the SENS Research Foundation. He sponsored the development of a SENS laboratory in Cambridge to mainly deal with the production of AGE breakers. […]