Mike Baur Does it All

Mike Baur knows a little something about banking and getting a business off the ground. As a matter of fact, he not only knows what it takes to do well financially within commerce and trade but also does so independently and repeatedly. Undoubtedly, the reason why he knows how to do these things is because […]

Glen Wakeman helping business leaders thrive

Glen Wakeman has become one of the most influential business leaders in the country. He has recently been dubbed the “secret weapon” of top entrepreneurs. He gives his insight and advice through several different platforms. He recently has written several articles and blog posts on managing companies. Glen Wakeman has harnessed the power of social […]

The Contribution of Oncotarget Journal in Medical Research

Oncotarget published research which describes the relationship between the Telomeres and the aging. The research established that the length of Telomeres reduces with the increase in aging. The research also identified that the physical activity or exercise leads to increase the length of telomeres. Athletes, for instance, have longer telomeres. The length of telomeres varies […]

Talkspace: The Future of Therapy

Talkspace is a site where topics of importance are discussed. They discuss anything from relationships to racial issues. For instance, on Talkspace, there was an article on Bipolar Disorder and Relationships. Throughout this article, they discuss the complications one with this disorder will more than likely face when getting into a relationship. How the disorder […]


Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur who predicts the future of technology. Being a skilled futurist, this successful entrepreneur has gained a lot of popularity in the world of technology. He predicts the future direction that technology is taking by mainly paying attention and observing the progress of the present technology. Jason has a belief […]

Jorge Moll: Encouraging People to Give

The holidays are fast approaching, and this season will be marked with gift giving and food sharing. According to studies conducted by Brazilian neuroscientists, people should practice giving because it is good for the body. Jorge Moll is one of the Brazilian neuroscientists studying about morality, and while experimenting back in 2006 with his colleague, […]

Malcom CasSelle Has Built A System That Allows For The Tokenizing Of Virtual In-Game Items

Malcom CasSelle is leading the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) into a bright future. By tokenizing in-game items, the decentralized platform is allowing everyone to take part of a virtual game assets marketplace that should lower costs of transactions and introduce new opportunities for marketplaces in games that have never had them. This means that gamers […]